Bulk Nail

Common Nail. As the name suggests, these are your everyday nails. Used for rough construction work, the common nail can be purchased in lengths varying from one to six inches (2d to 60d). The largest common nails are colloquially known as spikes.
Box Nail. These look like common nails, but are thinner. This means they are less likely to cause splits in the wood; as they displace less wood, they also have less holding power, so are not generally used where structural strength is critical. Box nails are generally available in lengths from one inch to three and a half inches.
Roofing Nail. Roofing nails have disproportionately large, round heads and heavier shafts for their length. They are designed to hold roofing materials in place, in particular composition and asphalt- based materials. In order to resist rust, roofing nails are heavily galvanized or made of aluminum. Three-quarter-inch to one-and-three- quarter-inch sizes are usual; the penny system is not used in reference to roofing nails.